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Accountability is the Willingness to Have Your Performance Measured

Accountability is frequently cited as a strategic initiative success factor.Strategic initiatives reflect and are constrained by the culture, but a leader and create a “micro-culture” for the team. With that idea in mind, I offer this definition, Accountability is the willingness to have your performance measured. The practical implications are: Performance outcomes must be known. Consequences should be discussed. Transparency is valued in the initiative. Sponsor and program roles become clearer. Integrity becomes thought of as the alignment of thought, words, and actions.
Trust is improved. Continue reading

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Five Things SI Leaders Need to Know about Innovation

Leaders use the word innovation frequently, but often it’s a buzzword. Innovation is not the same thing as invention or as creativity. Innovations do not sell themselves. It is a gross exaggeration to declare that people “resist change.” Innovation involves choices and decisions. Leaders help others cross the chasm. Greg Githens explains the TACOS criteria for speeding the adoption of an innovation. http://wp.me/pZCkk-fH Continue reading

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How to Secure Buy In for Your Strategic Initiative

Greg Githens explains that commitment – or “buy in” – means people accept and support a specific concept or course of action. He explains how to advocate benefits to stakeholders. Benefits are of two types: emotive (soft) and economic. The secret sauce is to establish the emotive benefits first, which serves to motivate stakeholders and buys time for acquiring economic benefits. Continue reading

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Strategic Initiatives Case Study: Hospital and Health Care – Part 2

Describes 6 leadership lessons from transformation effort at St. Mary’s Duluth Clinic Heart Center (SMDC), including managing the portfolio of initiatives through balanced score card and strategy maps. Continue reading

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