About Greg Githens

Author, How to Think Strategically

Greg’s new book, How to Think Strategically (2019, Maven House Press), has been extensively praised.  It’s big idea is that strategic thinking is an individual competency.

“How to Think Strategically is a deft business text. Both effective and complete, the guide is convincing, pushing its readership toward success and toward becoming a more skilled leader. It will be of significant value to senior executives and managers alike.”

“Provides all the necessary tools and insight to help you become an influential strategic thinker. A great read!”

“A wealth of practical advice.”

“Without question one of the most useful books I have read.”

Executive and Leadership Coach  (See www.StrategicThinkingCoach.com)


Greg provides 1:1 coaching to managers and executives, tailoring his coaching to the needs of the audience.

“Greg is a wealth of knowledge and his techniques and concepts can apply to essentially any industry or business model.  I had considered myself a decent strategic thinker and professional going into the engagement.  Greg was able to decode my current approaches and business environment and offer a completely different perspective and approach to strategic thinking and growth.  Additionally, Greg was able to help me evaluate goals and flush ideas in simple ways before entering into a meeting or interaction.  These techniques helped make future interactions with clients and others more effective and leave a lasting impression.  I use many of these approaches on a daily basis, whether in a client meeting or my personal life.”

“Most of us have just a handful of people we encounter in life that truly leave their mark on us. I’m referring to those people that set a positive example for us, teach us a valuable skill, or simply open our eyes to a new way of thinking. For me, Greg Githens is one of those people. It’s been years since I met face to face with Greg, but the lessons I learned from him have stuck with me… and helped me to succeed… everywhere I have gone since. For that I will always be grateful.”

“Greg is a top performer and he gets results. His flexible style makes it possible for Greg to work with a variety of different personalities and adjust his coaching technique. I would highly recommend Greg as a coach, consultant and trainer.”

Strategic Initiatives

Greg Githens is the authority on how organizations use strategic initiatives to turn vision into results.  He has substantial direct experience in designing, developing, leading, and coaching strategic initiative programs.

He is skilled at building alignment in people that enables them to get the tough work done. He has the skill to efficiently structure, plan, prioritize, and implement high-risk, high-reward initiatives. He works effectively with people at all levels of the organization. His hands-on experience gives Greg the seasoning to make good judgments and quickly add value. When organizations need a “hands on” coach who can quickly assess a situation and help get things moving, they call Greg Githens. Over his 25 years of experience in strategic programs and innovation, Greg has developed and acquired practices that address the “crux of the matter.”

Greg enjoys sharing his expertise with others and says, “I want to make an impact.” Greg leads the popular seminar for PMI SeminarsWorld titled Leading Strategic Initiatives (Program Management) as well as coaches and facilitates results for leading organizations

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