About Greg Githens

Vice President Strategic Initiatives

Greg Githens is the authority on how organizations use strategic initiatives to turn vision into results.  He has substantial direct experience in designing, developing, leading, and coaching strategic initiative programs.

He is skilled at building alignment in people that enables them to get the tough work done. He has the skill to efficiently structure, plan, prioritize, and implement high-risk, high-reward initiatives. He works effectively with people at all levels of the organization. His hands-on experience gives Greg the seasoning to make good judgments and quickly add value. When organizations need a “hands on” coach who can quickly assess a situation and help get things moving, they call Greg Githens. Over his 25 years of experience in strategic programs and innovation, Greg has developed and acquired practices that address the “crux of the matter.”

Greg enjoys sharing his expertise with others and says, “I want to make an impact.” Greg leads the popular seminar for PMI SeminarsWorld titled Leading Strategic Initiatives (Program Management) as well as coaches and facilitates results for leading organizations

Greg Githens

Contact him at 01 419 424 1164 or email at GregoryDGithens [at] cs [dot] com

Greg serves an international clientelle. Selected experience with strategic initiatives includes:

Project/Strategy Delivery Capabilities for a Global Commodities Firm. Greg is presently helping deploy project management skills, systems, and knowledge for a company operating in 30 different countries. He has also provided coaching for important initiatives in Environmental Sustainability, Financing Suppliers, IT Portfolio Management, and a Business Intelligence portal.

Sparked the Turnaround of Process Reengineering Strategic Initiative.  This multi-year enterprise-critical program floundered as IT technologists lost sight of strategic drivers and benefits realization scheduling. Greg quickly diagnosed the issues, and helped to reframe the COO’s strategic vision into actionable objectives tied to the rapid delivery of business value.

Global Product Launch Strategic Risk Management. A co-development project involved three different organizations developing a consumer product for global markets. Greg facilitated a strategic planning session, helping managers quickly identify needed next steps and accountabilities. The resulting next-generation product is now a nationally-advertised brand.

Brought Action Perspective to Project Launch Process.  A large consumer products manufacturer needed to improve product launch timing and flexibility. Greg helped the initiative team develop an action perspective aligned with the executive team’s expectations. The team started delivering results that were more directly related to strategy.  He helped the executives understand the crucial linkages of portfolio management to engineering process re-design.

Facilitated Planning for Manufacturing Capacity Restructuring. A large US-based aerospace/automotive components firm needed to streamline manufacturing capacity in Europe. The client engaged Greg to facilitate a workshop involving 35 participants, including senior managers from affected European operations as well as US executives and technical staff. The resulting integrated project plan became the roadmap for implementation of this strategic initiative. The company was able to able to eliminate $20 million of cost.

Brokered Agreement on Issues. An initiative was stalled due to resource shortages, stemming from conflicting directives from managers in different organizational units. Greg helped managers agree on “the crux of the matter” and mediated a resolution. After that breakthrough, the initiative quickly moved forward.


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