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Strategic Initiatives | Are You Ready to Implement?

Readiness to implement strategy is achieved when the physical resources are in place and there is a will to take action. A strategic initiative should formally assess readiness by either of two methods: self-audit or use of an outside resource. Leaders are advised to recognize and avoid the causes of failure: poor requirements, poor communications, and inadequate resources. The article also includes a set of do’s and don’t for strategic initiatives. http://wp.me/pZCkk-G1 Continue reading

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Strategy as the Backstory: Another Leadership Tip

In explaining the strategic initiative, the leader needs to skillfully weave in the backstory of strategy; that is, identify the relevant parts of the larger narrative and include in the communications to stakeholders. Modern audiences are impatient, so keep the amount of backstory limited. The exception is when the strategic initiative involves a heritage story (example heritage stories from Starbucks and Domino’s Pizza). The strategy-as-backstory can include SWOT, mission, vision, values, etc. This tip is part of the “How to Improve Your Story Telling Chops” series. Continue reading

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