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How to Be Strong Minded (3 Capabilities and 5 Tips for Strategic Thinking)

Strong minds produce strong ideas. Strong minds do not fail. Strong minded thinkers have three competencies: 1) they are good a probing and sensing, 2) they imagine the logical future consequences of decisions and actions, and 3) they look for opportunities to apply ingenuity. The article provides practical questions that will help the reader develop these competencies. The article also provides five tips for robustness: avoid mistakes, develop emotional resiliency, reflect, and generate alternative solutions. Continue reading

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Strategic Thinking (Part 1): A Fight with Ambiguity

Strategic thinking is necessary for execution, as well as strategy formulation. Ambiguity (multiple meanings) is at the heart of strategy, so the Strategic Initiative leader’s top priority is to recognize ambiguity, clarify metrics, and develop sensible action plans. Greg Githens explains how they find the balance of patience and action. Their skillful conversation fosters understanding and gain commitment. Continue reading

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