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Interpreting Strategy Documents: More Insights and a Valuable Tip!

The article provides techniques and questions for clarifying the internal and the external strategic context during a strategy implementation readiness session. This helps you align formulation with implementation. Continue reading

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Interpreting Strategy Documents: A Key Skill for Implementation

Strategy fails in part because strategy formulation documents must be interpreted as they are implemented. The article provides practical ideas for clarifying strategic concepts and assure that strategy implementation is successful. http://wp.me/pZCkk-7R Continue reading

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The Four Driving Questions for Success

You can increase your ability to build alignment and commitment for strategic initiatives by asking and answering what I call The Four Driving Questions, shown in this graphic. The order is important: first why, then who, then what and when. … Continue reading

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Two Success Factors for Strategic Initiatives: Commitment and Alignment

Commitment and alignment drive the performance of a strategic initiative, and program management tools foster these two outcomes. Provides brief, working definitions. Continue reading

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