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HSBC’s Powerful Idea: Separate “Change the Business” from “Run the Business”

Strategic initiatives are intended to change the business, but have to compete with run the business imperatives for resources. HSBC has a simple powerful concept for portfolio prioritization: it’s either run the business or change the business. Greg Githens explains the concept, and covers three lessons for leaders of strategic initiatives: use this as a first cut, pay attention to the follow-the-money story, and think more deeply about the question, What is strategic alignment? http://wp.me/pZCkk-z6 Continue reading

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Interpreting Strategy Documents: A Key Skill for Implementation

Strategy fails in part because strategy formulation documents must be interpreted as they are implemented. The article provides practical ideas for clarifying strategic concepts and assure that strategy implementation is successful. http://wp.me/pZCkk-7R Continue reading

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